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MaM Two-Way Deluxe Jacket
with removable sleeves

snug and cozy

during pregnancy


with baby

after baby

MaM Two-Way Deluxe in Forest
Two-Way Deluxe Special Features
Enjoy the Outdoors

Made from stretchy and warm top-quality polar fleece with a breathable weatherproof membrane (waterpillar >5000 mm) and mesh lining, the MaM® Two-Way Jacket is suitable for the cold season and in the North for all-year-around use. Also great for layering. It will take you effortlessly from walking the dog in the woods to shopping, from week to weekend and from autumn to spring.

The MaM® Two-Way Deluxe Jacket is a unisex garment suitable for everybody. It can be used during pregnancy or when carrying a baby on the front or the back, and it looks good also without a child. MaM® Two-Way is a comfortable choice for parents and children who enjoy the outdoors.

Sleeves are foldable for perfect length, and body slightly flared at the bottom to give enough space for the feet of a toddler. Machine washable. Designed in Finland.
MaM Two-Way without a child
Check colour availability with the distributor in your area or our office.

Safety Precautions: Pay attention to the security and movements of your child, especially while carrying him/her on your back. Be sure your child has good air flow at all times.