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ManyMonths™ Organic Cotton Body/Shirt

Bodysuits are great garments. They help to keep diapers in place and protect sensitive baby skin from the cold. Usually shirts rise when you lift your baby and the tummy and back of your child becomes unprotected.

Bodysuits are often too long or too short, since our children are growing so fast. There is a better solution!

Our body/shirt combos are easy to put on. There are two invisible sewn-on snaps on both sides of the collar and the crotch part can be adjusted according to the length of the child/size of the diaper or taken off completely when not needed.

Only sewn-on snaps has been used on the shirt part. Thus it is easy to take them off when the crotch part is no longer in use, if preferred. The snaps are easy to replace, if they would break for some reason. Please open the small hand-sewn snaps gently, in a similar way as you would open buttons.

The body/shirts are offered in PLUS size as well, meaning that these are a few cm wider than the other colours. Check with your nearest retailer which cut is best for your child. The wider ones might be a good choice for very active children and hot climates as well.
Also available in long sleeve with long foldable cuffs. Choose the favourite colour of your child – chocolate stripe, green stripe, persimmon-natural combo, retro wheel print or circle print. Made of 100% SKAL certified organic cotton.

ManyMonths™ is a whole new concept – an alternative to garments that get too small way too quickly, an alternative to less genuine materials, an alternative to a polluted world.

You can have it all – safety, softness, durability, innovative design, and a living environment. All ManyMonths™ garments are made of the best materials according to fair trade principles, definitely without child labour. Classical stripes for combinations, retro prints for bringing the sun into your mornings and reversibility for mood changes and hiding the trails of escaped blueberries.

The restrictive sizing of the textile industry has been put aside – we offer Charmer 3–6/9 months, Explorer 6–12/18 months, Adventurer 1–2/2,5 and Conqueror 3-4,5/5 years.

Design by Bettina Lindblom. For all our cherished babies and children – today, in July and next year. Designed especially with babywearing in mind, also fits cloth diaper bums.