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Organic Cotton Reversible Top with Long Sleeves

"In contemporary usage, picnic can be defined simply as a pleasure excursion at which a meal is eaten outdoors, ideally, taking place in a beautiful landscape." (Wikipedia June 2007)

We arranged a photo shoot picnic at a beautiful lake. After this picnic we understand better than at any time during product development, how useful reversible items truly are in everyday situations with children!

The ManyMonths™ Long Sleeve Tops have foldable sleeves and a body being longer than on most tops. Double layers of fabric keep children warm during chilly evenings in the summer and during cold days in the spring and fall seasons. In the winter our Tops are perfect for layering underneath a snowsuit, not being bulky and with a small enough head opening to keep the breast area warm.

The ManyMonths™ Reversible Tops can be used on top of t-shirts or on naked skin. They are wonderfully soft and breathable, sewn in 100% certified organic cotton. All bindings are also made of the same fabric to be very comfortable.

The reversible top is a unisex garment suited for both boys and girls, to be used with jeans, a dress or diaper pants. As a double-layered garment it's perfect for providing more warmth than an ordinary long sleeve t-shirt. One side has a little pocket for small treasures and all tops have durable nylon snaps in front.

Choose a chocolate/green stripe combo or our hip retro wheel print with solid natural and a little wheel pocket on the other side. Now also available in a truly fashionable circle print with lion yellow and chocolate brown.

ManyMonths is a whole new concept – an alternative to garments that get too small way too quickly, an alternative to less genuine materials, an alternative to a polluted world.

You can have it all – safety, softness, durability, innovative design, and a living environment. All ManyMonths garments are made of the best materials according to fair trade principles, definitely without child labour. Classical stripes for combinations, retro prints for bringing the sun into your mornings and reversibility for mood changes and hiding the trails of escaped blueberries.

The restrictive sizing of the textile industry has been put aside – we offer Charmer 3–6/9 months, Explorer 6–12/18 months, Adventurer 1–2/2,5 and Conqueror 3-4,5/5 years.

Design by Bettina Lindblom. For all our cherished babies and children – today, in July and next year. Designed especially with babywearing in mind, also fits cloth diaper bums.