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Organic Cotton Sleeping Bag with Extension

A revolutionary non-padded sleeping bag in 100% SKAL certified organic cotton that truly grows with your child. It has double rows of durable nylon snaps at the shoulder for easy dressing and adjusting the collar size. First it is used without the extension part and closed with snaps in the hem. When your child grows you can snap on the extension part which makes the bag both longer and wider. After your child outgrows the extension as well, the garment is still workable as a sleeping gown. Fits from 3 months, up to at least 18 months, but often way beyond.

The snaps in the hem are made of durable snap band, thus both soft and easy to open and close during night-time diaper changes. A generous cut and stretchy interlock material allows plenty of leg room for your child to move about. No closure on the sides make it especially comfortable for children to sleep in any position.

Sleeping bags are recommended by midwives, because the baby will feel his/her legs and the warmth of his/her own skin and this gives a sense of security. The baby can moves his/her legs freely inside the bag and move around in the bed without kicking off the bedding or get it over his/her head. A sleeping bag also provides a safer sleeping environment, since feet won't get stuck between cot bars. The sleeping bag also makes it more difficult to climb out of the bed.

^The boy on the picture above is telling the photographer that he wants the extension back.


The ManyMonths™ Sleeping Bags are offered in PLUS size as well, meaning that these are a few cm wider and longer than the other colours. Check with your nearest retailer which cut is best for your child.

TIP: Use the garment without the extension for diaper-free babies, like on the picture.

Sleeping bags made of organic cotton are also great for children with allergies or asthma. Choose solid natural and wash in 60°C. A sleeping bag can also be a gentle solution to prevention of scratching eczema.

Sweet dreams!

ManyMonths is a whole new concept – an alternative to garments that get too small way too quickly, an alternative to less genuine materials, an alternative to a polluted world.

You can have it all – safety, softness, durability, innovative design, and a living environment. All ManyMonths garments are made of the best materials according to fair trade principles, definitely without child labour. Classical stripes for combinations, retro prints for bringing the sun into your mornings and reversibility for mood changes and hiding the trails of escaped blueberries.

The restrictive sizing of the textile industry has been put aside – we offer Charmer 3–6/9 months, Explorer 6–12/18 months, Adventurer 1–2/2,5 and Conqueror 3-4,5/5 years.

Design by Bettina Lindblom. For all our cherished babies and children – today, in July and next year. Designed especially with babywearing in mind, also fits cloth diaper bums.