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Best for both your baby and the nature certified organic.

The Babyidea Hemp Hour Strap diapers are made of hemp/organic cotton jersey. These diapers suit newborns just as well as 3-year-old toddlers. Hemp diapers are extremely absorbent, naturally anti-bacterial and durable.
The Hemp Hour Strap diapers are a new kind of anatomical inner diapers, having absorbent qualities in themselves. The strap diaper is sewn of two fabric layers, with two additional layers in the middle, giving four layers where it matters the most. The diapers are very durable, since they have a binding all around. The leg openings also have a light elastic to prevent leakage. The strap diapers are available in one size, suitable for children of different ages. Fold the front or back of the diaper to get the perfect size for your child. The strap diaper keeps foldable and other inner diapers in place and can be used both with wool pants and other types of diaper covers.

"Hemp has been used by humans for over 6000 years.
It is the strongest natural textile. Hemp is a non-polluting crop
that improves the health of the soil it is grown in."

  • manufactured in cooperation with a Scandinavian company that has been in the garment business of natural fibres for more than 10 years
  • Finnish moms and babies have taken part in development and testing of the diapers
  • chemicals have not been used in any phase of the manufacturing
  • the diapers are unbleached and prewashed in 90 degrees
  • material: hemp 55%/organic cotton 45%