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Babyidea Cream Line Care Liner

Babyidea Cream Line Care Liner

For the princess and prince

Soy protein fibre is seen as the cashmere of the plant world, because it's silky, light and beautifully soft. The fabric has characteristics similar to the human skin and thus it is especially suitable also for the most sensitive of children.

Soy fibre is the only protein fibre that can be washed regularly even in 60 degrees and it has excellent moisture absorption and transmission, and holds antibacterial qualities.
The soya/organic cotton used in our Cream Line series is one of the newest innovations in ecological textile materials. Soybean protein fibre is made as a by-product of food production and hence not adding any extra burden on the environment. Soy fibre is also fully biodegradable.
The Care Liners are used between the diaper and the baby's skin. Wash after each use in 60°C and line dry. Don't use any bleaching agents, brighteners, fabric softeners, fragrances or detergents containing bio enzymes. The shrinkage has been taken into account in the pattern. Shape while wet.