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The traditional choice for every baby.

The MaM Happy Muslin Squares are the most quick drying cloth diaper alternative. Clever folds make them suitable for the whole diaper period and they are always as nice fitting. Muslins get really clean in the wash and can even be washed in boiling hot water. Usually also suitable for very sensitive and allergic babies.


Muslin squares are are lovely in the first weeks of a tiny baby and can also later on be used as such or in combination with other diapers. The MaM Squares are made of unbleached cotton. Snappi fasteners are a great help for keeping them in place instead of pins, but snap or hook and loop fastened diaper covers do the job as well. Muslins are also perfect for mopping and wiping, as soft towels, on the changing table... you name it. Every family needs a pile of them. Sizes highly absorbent about 40 x 40 cm and 80 x 80 cm and slightly less absorbent, but extremely soft about 70 x 70 cm for newborns. The best possible quality made for us especially.

Wash in up to 95ºC. Can be machine dried. Please avoid whitening agents and fabric softeners. Wash before use to improve absorbency. 100% cotton, unbleached.