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Babyidea Wool Longies Pull-Up diaper pants

Babyidea Wool Shorties Chocolate Newborn

A Natural and SO Easy Alternative
– Wool Pull-Ups

The Babyidea Wool Shorties & Longies are a natural alternative to diaper covers of man-made fibres. Merino wool allows moisture to evaporate, reducing dampness, and aids the maintenance of optimal skin temperature. Lanolinising makes wool both water resistant and self-cleaning. Not even advanced modern technology can replicate the comfort, durability, softness and security that wool offers.


Allow your child to be mobile

The Wool Shorties & Longies are carefully designed in Finland. They are made of two layers of soft merino wool rib of high quality, which has been knitted especially for us. Our Shorties & Longies are cut quite high to provide a long time of use, and a good fit for different types of inner diapers. All seams are sewn flat and the ribs have good stretch, which makes dressing easier. With Shorties & Longies you don't need any other pants.

The Wool Shorties & Longies need not be washed after every use. Wool cleans itself; frequent airing of damp pants outside in fresh air will do. The reliability will improve over time. Wool is meant to be loved and often used. The Shorties & Longies are available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

100% merino wool rib double layers, non-mulesing production, fabric made especially for us.


"Wool's structure produces an elegant combination of water repellence, breathability and moisture absorbency."
--M. Pehkonen