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MaM ECO Babywearing Set
versatile   cool



baby to toddlers

Organic, beautiful
and cool.

The MaM ECO wraparound sling stands out from the competition. The middle of the slings is beautifully marked with an art graphic print, printed directly on the sling not to affect durability. With every sling comes an embroidered cap and carefully sewn booties to keep small feet warm.

Above: His weight is already10 kg, but he could ride on for hours.

MaM ECO is designed by Bettina Lindblom/Finland in cooperation with international textile experts and fashion designers. During the developmental phase it was carefully tested by skilled babywearning experts in Scandinavia. MaM ECO is a jersy sling, but firm enough to bear a weight up to 18 kg. It really stays in place, since the fabric has a natural surface that doesn't slip. With MaM ECO you can carry your child in an ergonomic position from infancy to toddlerhood. Your child is very secure close to your body and has excellent head support if needed.

Beautifully rounded
Durable and good- looking double hem. Every set comes ecologically packed in a cardboard box.

Portare necesse est

The MaM Eco slings are made of a hemp 55%/organic cotton 45% blend. Hemp is a very ecological and durable natural fiber that feels cool and our cotton is hand-picked and SKAL-certified. The slings are sewn by professionals without child labour in an ecological company in a fair working environment.

These are colour examples. We have made many colours and they change with fashion. Check with your stockist what's available in your area.
Don't forget our practical
babywearing cover.
A product for the future of your child AND the environment.

We have got numerous inquiries for a black wrap. It is here now and in a limited edition. Ask your local stockist to be quick, so that you'll get the print of your choice. The print is located in the middle of the sling.

Design by Bettina Lindblom.

If you would like to see your own art on a future sling, please send us a draft of your work.


Please notice that a black sling fades more than a lighter colour, so be sure to wash it without bleaching agents and do not leave it in direct sunlight.