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TO child! O new-born denizen, Of life's great city! on thy head
The glory of morn is shed,
Like a celestial benison!
Here at the portal thou dost stand,
And with thy little hand
Thou openest the mysterious gate
Into the future's undiscovered land.
-- H. Wadsworth Longfellow, To a Child
-Babyidea Merino Wool Baby Blanket -Organic Linen Christening Gown -Organic Trousers with Snap-On Booties
-Organic Sleeping Bag -Organic Body/Shirt -Organic Trousers
    -Organic Reversible Long Sleeve Top -Organic Elephant Hood
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  -KOALA Babywearing Suit  
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-Stretchy Bodysuit Extender   -ManyMonths Natural Wool Collection from newborn to 7,5 y and beyond -new items- -ManyMonths Merino Wool Tubes  
-Adjustable Shirt Holder