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Natural Wool Collection

Merino wool is very soft, comfortable, breathable, yet isolating. It's one of the greatest natural fibres for children to wear and especially important for small babies, since it helps with the regulation of body temperature. The absorbent, hollow fibres in wool help to keep the child's delicate skin dry. In the cold season, the numerous air pockets between the naturally crimped wool fibres also helps to retain body heat and keep warm air circulating freely next to the skin of your child.

Wool clothing is perfect for every season, unique in the way it can accommodate fluctuating body temperature and help to keep body temperature more consistent. And as wool is naturally anti-bacterial it doesn't need to be washed as often as other garments, just airing will do – very practical in families with children.

Natural Wool Bodysuit/Shirt

Bodysuits are great garments. They help to keep diapers in place and protect sensitive baby skin from the cold. Usually shirts rise when you lift your baby and the tummy and back of your child become unprotected.

Bodysuits are unfortunately often too long or too short, since our children are growing so fast. But there is a better solution!

ManyMonths Wool Body/Shirt, Cap, Mittens and Wool Pants

Our body/shirt combos are easy to put on. The rib fabric is very stretchy and the fabric on the shoulders is overlapping. The removable crotch part can be adjusted according to the length of the child and size of the diaper. Available in long sleeve with foldable cuffs.

Natural Wool Long Rib Booties
Cold feet are a huge problem for many babywearing families, no matter what you do, the feet of your child stay cold, sometimes not even a babywearing jacket helps. We've designed the ultimate booties for the winter time. The booties have long stretchy double rib (also for protecting ankles) and a merino wool inner with micro fibre shell. All seams are embedded between the layers.
Available in two sizes, Charmer (3-6/9 months) and Explorer (6-12/18 months).

Natural Wool Elephant Hood
Not only the feet of children get cold easily, so does the head. As your mum probably told you during your own childhood, keeping the head warm when it's freezing out is extremely important. Our Elephant Hood also protects the neck, chest and upper back. Protection of the chest is especially essential for babies who are getting new teeth and are drooling. The hood is perfect as such in mild weather and great for layering when it is really cold and freezing.

Comfortable for sleeping in, since the elastic in the back is completely covered with wool and all seams are flat. Very stretchy, accommodates different head shapes really well. Superb for babywearing on the back – difficult for children to take off and throw away. Stays on even when dressing into a babywearing jacket.

Available from baby to school age.

Natural Wool Mittens

Our child mittens are 100% natural, made of two layers of wool rib, thus it doesn't matter if they end up in the mouth from time to time. Long stretchy cuff keep them in place. A great match with the booties and hood.

Available without thumb in size Newcomer/Charmer and with thumb in the sizes Explorer/Adventurer and Conqueror & Innovator.

ManyMonths Wool Mittens Drawing

Natural Wool Long Sleeve Shirt

ManyMonths Wool Long Sleeve Shirt/MaM Wool MultiTube

The ManyMonths Long Sleeve Shirt has small durable snap tape snaps on one shoulder to make dressing simple and easy. With long foldable cuffs and a well rounded hem on the back side to help keep bigger children warm while they are bustling in the snow.

<--Anu is wearing a MaM Wool MultiTube

By combining ManyMonths Long Sleeve Shirt with ManyMonths Unisex Leggings preschoolers and young school boys and girls keep themselves happy and healthy when feeling warm in all weather conditions. This two-part combination also makes it easy to go to the toilet in the gaps of playing. Available in sizes Conqueror and Innovator.
ManyMonths Wool Shirt and Unisex Leggings

Natural Wool Unisex Leggings
ManyMonths Wool Leggings and ECO Kid T-Shirts

Our very popular Shorties and Longies were originally designed for nappy use having a high crotch, but the bigger sizes of them found continued use in many families... Frequent requests for more fitting leggings for sporty hobbies like skiing and skating for bigger children was the inspiration for our Unisex Leggings.

ManyMonths Wool Unisex Leggings Drawing

The ManyMonths Unisex Leggings are designed with the same concept as the other ManyMonths garments, to fit over seasons. Thus they have an adjustable waist and long foldable cuffs on the legs. The SoftFeel leggings have a two-layer construction on the knees.

Available in sizes Conqueror and Innovator.

Natural Wool One Piece Suit

ManyMonths One Piece Suit is a necessity here in the North winter weather. Our first trial batch showed that there is need for a practical wool suit also in other parts of Europe.

The ManyMonths suit grows from baby to toddler, with a panty part designed for maximum comfort and flexibility, and for accommodating cloth diapers as well. Long foldable cuffs in both sleeves and legs. Supplied with an adjustable and flexible belt (which can also be detached).

ManyMonths One Piece Suit Adventurer Chocolate SoftFeel LS
ManyMonths One Piece Suit

High quality YKK zipper with its top side protected. The long zip fastener makes the suit easy to dress. The SoftFeel Suits are very soft and stretchy with double layers on the knees. The whole suit is made of 100% merino wool rib.

Available in two sizes, Charmer/Explorer and Adventurer.

Natural Wool Sleeping Bag with an Extension

The ManyMonths Wool Sleeping Bag has long sleeves and foldable cuffs and a removable extension in the hem, which provides a long lifecycle for the Sleeping Bag ranging from newborn to 1,5 year old toddler and beyond (as a dress).

ManyMonths Sleeping Bag Drawing
Lifestyle picture upcoming.

With raglan sleeves, an openable and adjustable neckline and a durable snap tape fastening in the hem. Great also for outdoor day naps inside a thermal bag. Available in size Charmer/Explorer.

Natural Wool Baby Blanket

The ManyMonths Wool Baby Blanket is a must-have for all families. It is breathable, absorbent, dirt and flame resistant, soft, and wonderfully stretchy with a binding of pure organic cotton to keep the shape.

ManyMonths Wool Blanket
The MM Blanket feels warm in the winter and cool in the summer and it's made of our superfine quality that doesn't tickle. It can be used in the bed as a breathable protection pad, inside a duvet cover as a blanket, as a sheet, for swaddling, on the floor as a changing pad or play mat and in the family bed when breastfeeding or when diapers leak. The size of the blanket is designed to be optimal for many kinds of usage (about 75 x 75 cm).

Shorties & Longies in matching colours
Babyidea Wool Longies

Our bestsellers Wool Shorties & Longies diaper pants and trousers are available in matching colours.

Check with the distributor in your area, or our office, for availability of colour choices.

ManyMonths Neckie Wool Scarf

The ManyMonths Neckie is a one size merino wool scarf for the whole family. It's made of two layers of stretchy wool rib in a classic somewhat vintage design. The Neckie can be used tied, or nicely flat one end threaded through an opening in the other end. Easy to use for the kids, stays in place and looks cool. A nice present also for those who have "everything".

ManyMonths Neckie Wool Scarf

ManyMonths Wool Dickie

ManyMonths Wool Dickie

The ManyMonths Dickie doesn't have any special adjustments – it's made to be perfectly comfortable and well-fitting without anything tugging or feeling too tight around even the most sensitive neck. It's been cut fairly wide to allow for a lot of growth and wonderful ease of use. Son/daughter and mum in matching dickeys, and no messed hair or spread-out makeup. A lovely turtleneck to use for all kinds activities in the cold season. Also a kindergarten favourite! Available in two combo sizes: Adventurer-Conqueror and Innovator and Beyond. The collar is made of double layers of fabric.

ManyMonths Beanie – a Clever Adjustable Wool Cap
The Beanie confirms strongly to the ManyMonths ideas. The height can be adjusted with a little fun, round stopper at the top and the circumference with button-hole elastic inside the rib. The elastic is removable, and for adults or older children usually not needed. Always suitable; for sports and city life, forest walks, and the own yard. Keeping the head warm makes the whole body feel good!

ManyMonths Wool Beanie

ManyMonths is a whole new concept – an alternative to garments that get too small way too quickly, an alternative to less genuine materials, an alternative to a polluted world.

You can have it all – safety, softness, durability, innovative design, and a living environment. All ManyMonths garments are made of the best materials according to fair trade principles, definitely without child labour. Classical stripes for combinations, retro prints for bringing the sun into your mornings and reversibility for mood changes and hiding the trails of escaped blueberries.

The restrictive sizing of the textile industry has been put aside – we offer NewComer 0-3/4 months, Charmer 3–6/9 months, Explorer 6–12/18 months, Adventurer 1–2/2,5, Conqueror 3-4,5/5 years, Innovator 5-7/7,5 years and Innovator and Beyond 5 y to adult.

Design by Bettina Lindblom. For all our cherished babies and children – today, in July and next year. Designed especially with babywearing in mind, also fits cloth diaper bums.